The Burt Kristbaum Adventures

by P. M. Kalayeh

To Archaeology Division Employees:

Welcome new employees! Recently acquired with a generous grant from the president and founder of Phipps Inc., Reginald A. Phipps, the Archaeology Division seeks to uncover those clues which will lead us closer to an answer about our history, and to a further extent, ourselves. In the following pages, you will be given an in-depth look at several approaches to beginning exploration. The author will discuss basic foundation skills, how to plan an excavation, dowsing, and patience. Please mark down those topics which appeal to your sensibilities.

In accordance with Paleontologists of America and The Archaeological Institute courses on the topics which you have requested will be implemented in the next several weeks. Please be patient with the Board as this development ensues. This is a new process for all of us. It has been quite some time since Phipps Inc. has constructed a new division. Let alone one which is somewhat contrary to Phipps Inc. protocol. The past is certainly unchartered territory for many of us here. With patience and perseverance, it is my hope the ideas expressed in this manual will carry this fine company into the next millennium.

For those of you reading the manual for sheer pleasure, please turn to the table of contents, and follow the entries in italics and you will find an almost entirely nonscientific biography of the author: his life aboard the Albatross, personal reminisces about Burt Kristbaum, and his exciting trek through Paharpur.

I hope these pages inspire your adventures.


Fifth Wheel

Future Division Supervisor
Phipps Incorporated


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